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July 25, 2014 - Prayer and Vilnius Image of Divine Mercy Jesus saves home and life

arizona fire

On June 30 2013, 19 firefighters lost their lives in a major forest fire in Prescott Arizona. My good friend Bill was living with his mom and taking care of her in a small community just a few short miles from Prescott, the town of Peoples Valley. I received a call from Bill around 5:00 and he asked me to pray for their safety. He informed me that the fire was about 3 miles from their home. He sent me photos through his phone to show me how real the danger was to their home and lives. My response was, “get out of there!” He responded: “No, I am staying. Pray for me.” In his photos I saw he had sprinklers running water all over his house and property. My response back was for him to hang the Divine Mercy Image I gave Him as a gift when he left Ohio. I told him to hang the image outside and face it towards the fire. He asks me why? I responded, “Our Lord promised His protection from the enemy with the veneration of His image; this fire is your enemy.” This discussion ended and I went to work, not knowing if he would do what I had said.

I got out of work at 3:00 a.m. and called him to see if he was still alive. Bill answered the phone to my surprise, and was full of great joy. “The fire moved away from our house, the Image worked!” Then he said, “I am sending you the pictures.” There it was… the Vilnius Divine Mercy image hanging on the front porch, directly facing the fire. The fire from the picture looked to be one mile from their home and the next picture was of the fire moving away. Bill asked me, “how is this possible?” I told him, “The fire may have been from an angel of wrath or devils. This image offered the graces and protection needed.” Over 128 houses and buildings were destroyed by this fire. The two towns closest to Prescott, Yarnell and Peoples Valley had either demanded on the resident’s full or partial evacuation. Praise our Lord and His Divine Mercy!

God bless,
Tim McAndrew
President and Founder of Laity for Mercy