Inspirational Messages

November 26, 2007 - Spiritual Warfare

“Lift Me Up, Lord”

There is a beautiful Scripture in 2 Thessalonians 2:8 where Paul is saying, “The Lord Jesus will destroy the lawless one.” That is satan. “The Lord Jesus will destroy the lawless one with the breath of His mouth.” The Spirit is the breath of God. The spirit himself is the warrior. With the Spirit is love and then Paul says, “And annihilate him.” Jesus will annihilate Satan by manifesting His own presence. Isnít that amazing? No wonder God wants His presence to come forth now through us. No wonder He wants us to be instruments of His love! It is His presence that will totally put to death in the final confrontation, the presence of the lawless one. It will be over.

Just the other morning we were driving here to the Qwest Center we could see a car clear in the far lane whose driver had decided to cut in front of everybody. You have probably seen this. He cut in front of everybody; cut across three lanes then cut across people even in the turning lane and then made a turn on a red light in a huge intersection. This Scripture came to my mind, “the lawless one.”

As intercessors what we do is pray, “Lord they are outside of your law of love. He is not only going to get hurt if he keeps up that lifestyle, but others are going to get hurt as well.” That is what sin does. It hurts us personally and our sin hurts others too. It hurts the entire mystical body.

Jesus wants to be present. He wants to be visible. We can make Him visible. Live on in my love. Jesus said, “If I be lifted up I will draw all” (Jn 12:32). I will draw all - everybody, all the nations - if I continue to be lifted up now in you and in you and in you. He hasnít any other body except ours. “Behold I come, Father, to do Your will. A body you have prepared for me” (Heb 10:5).

What makes saints extraordinary is that they loved in a tremendously radical way because that is how Jesus loves. I remember reading about different saints as a new convert to Catholicism. They would all seem to levitate, just rise right up and float around the altar and float around and somebody floated up to a flagpole! And I thought, “Oh my goodness, I guess this is part of being a saint. You have got to levitate. You must become so mystical that you can be lifted off the ground by Godís love, by Godís power.” So I asked for that. “Lord I would love to be a great mystic someday. I would love to be a saint. I would love to be lifted right up too.” “I will lift you up,” He said, “higher and higher. I will lift you up.”

Let Him lift us up. That is mystical prayer at its best. That is the mysticism of the Church. It is love power. Jesus wants His whole mystical body to be lifted up. When we are lifted up, in the heart piercings, love - pure love - will flow from our pierced hearts upon all of mankind. That is the promise of the Spirit. The paradox of God is amazing. He calls us to lift us up, but before He does it He sends His Spirit upon us and flattens us right out so that we just rest. Then He lifts us up. Maybe it is because then we will know that it is all His work.

Excerpt from Mother Nadineís, “Live On in My Love,” Sound the Trumpet, 2006