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My sisters and I were baptized Lutheran as infants and sporadically attended the church that our Dad attended growing up. But when I was in third grade in public schools in Trenton, NJ, our mother did not like the fact that we were not really getting the education she thought we should get and went to a local Catholic priest and asked for us to be accepted as students at Blessed Sacrament. He said that would be fine, but we had to take religion classes like the other students. So we had a Catholic education from that time until the end of my seventh grade year when we moved again and attended the local county public school in rural PA. In the meantime, we changed churches because we moved and found a wonderful Missouri Synod Lutheran Church. We were in the choir and participated in many activities. We were enrolled in confirmation classes. They were 3 years long, every Saturday morning for 3 hours during the school year. Our older sister was confirmed there. But then we moved and had to attend the Evangelical Lutheran Church (we did not like it at all). Once my younger sister and I were confirmed, our family stopped going to church, but sent us with the local Mennonites. We did not like that either, but were obedient and went.

When our parents divorced in the early 70's, my younger sister and I decided that we wanted to be Catholic (we harbored that desire since we first went to Blessed Sacrament). Mom drove us the 20 miles to the church and we went to see the pastor. We were horrified! He did not seem to take us seriously and the church was not recognizable as Catholic! We could not even find the Tabernacle! So that went by the wayside. I had a falling out with Mom and moved in with friends in Virginia. One day, my sister called and asked me to come home for her Chrismation...she was becoming Greek Orthodox. I came home and studied it a great deal, reading Timothy Ware's book, etc. I was christened on 15 August of the same year, 1975. We were in the choir and she joined a Greek folk dance group.

Fast forward almost twenty years to 1995. Over the years, our Mom joined us as Orthodox Christians. We served in the US Navy, I had married and divorced, changed my main job in the Navy. So many things happened. My sister was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and medically retired. She had been living with my children and I since 1986, when we were stationed in Washington, DC. Mom lived with us for about 4 years, but was becoming progressively disabled and went into a Catholic skilled nursing facility because I was transferred to southern California. We attended the Russian Orthodox Church in downtown San Diego, but when my sister was hospitalized, the priest did not come to see her. She started attending Mass at the VA hospital in La Jolla. There, in the back of the chapel, she found a booklet on Divine Mercy. When she came home, she told me about it. I really was not interested, but listened because she cared. Finally, I read it, too. So we started going to Mass at our local Catholic Church. Our Dad, who had remarried within a year of our Mom divorcing him, was preyed upon by the Jehovah's Witnesses starting right after his wife died in 1992. We prayed the Chaplet for him and he left off with them. We were received into the Church in December 1995. We prayed The Divine Mercy Chaplet for our Mom and she came home to Rome in Oct 1997 (she had been away since she was 14.)..63 yrs later! She died during the reading of the Gospel on 21 Feb 2000. I went directly to the chapel after calling the nurse and Father H (the celebrant) knew that she had died. She was immediately remembered in that Mass. He had annointed her during the five days that she was going and he brought her Holy Communion every day. He had just annointed her before Mass and told her that if she was still here after the Mass, he would bring her the Sacrament, like the previous days. I still miss her very much, but was so glad that she was so prepared. We are still praying for Dad and the rest of the family. Our Divine Mercy novena every year is for the conversion of our family.

An aside: We are the only Catholics except our nephew who married a Catholic woman and they had their son baptized April 6th this year. I should have gotten an annulment while I was Orthodox, but am working on that now as I hope to get married someday.

Lover of Divine Mercy


Dear Tim,

I received your wonderful, generous breathtaking gift of Spiritual help to the largest parish in the State of Illinois!! God knows America needs lots of more prayer!!!!

As I am 86 year old Franciscan Friar, I will continue to pray for your Apostolate!!!! Pax et Bonum!

Fr. Gerold Schubert


Dear Mr. McAndrew,

May the peace and love of the Lord be with you!

I write to you at this time to inform you that the box of Divine Mercy materials that you sent to me arrived, today. Thank you so very much for sending these materials to me. I believe they came through the kindness and request of Mary Ellen Johnson, of Cincinnati, OH, a very dear friend of mine.

I arrived at this parish, as pastor, a year ago in August, and it appeared to me that the devotion to Divine Mercy Sunday sort of came and went without too much mention. It appeared to me that many here were not too much aware of this particular devotion to Divine Mercy. And so with the year of faith coming upon us very quickly, I hope to make the celebration of Divine Mercy Sunday bigger and bring it to the awareness of my parishioners, on a larger scale. The materials that you have sent me will be most helpful in doing this, and I am so grateful to you, and to Mary Ellen, for thinking about us, and assisting us in this endeavor.

May God's blessing be upon you in your very important Apostolate of the Divine Mercy. Be assured of my prayers, and I ask for your continued support, especially through prayer, in our endeavors to make this beautiful devotion more and more known, and practiced, by our faithful people.

Prayerfully in the Lord,
Fr. Tom


This note is so long overdue. The images you sent of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Divine Mercy are so very beautiful. Many will be blessed through the grace poured out through prayerfully gazing upon these holy images. Pleased be assured of my prayers.

In Jesus thru Mary,
Father Joseph


Good morning dear Laity for Mercy Benefactors!!

I just wanted to say thank you very much for your generous gift of the hundreds of Divine Mercy images & holy cards that I have received from your wonderful Apostolate! Through your help I was able to distribute them to hundreds of souls throughout our Diocese this month, and thus promoting our Lordís Divine Mercy in a simple and effective way. Many of them have never seen or maybe even heard of the Divine Mercy, yet you have made this possible through your generous support to them.

I thank you very much for helping to promote Godís great love to hundreds of youth & adults from all over our Diocese!!May our dear Lord continue to bless you, your Apostolate and all of your loved ones!!

All for Jesus, through Mother Mary,
Faustino Rodriguez



Anyone familiar with the Franklinton and Hilltop areas of the Westside of Columbus Ohio knows that it is a place of crime and drugs. Many houses are boarded up and many more are falling apart. Gangs walk the streets. Poverty is everywhere. Truly this is a place in need of Godís mercy. The week before Christmas, 70 high school students set out with the St. Patrick youth group to these neighbors for a mission trip. One of the many missions the youth carried out was talking down east Broad street and asking business owners if they could hang Divine Mercy images in their front windows. During this mission that lasted hours, the high schoolers were shocked to discover that every business owner said yes except for one. In noticeably the roughest and most run down area in Central Ohio, the Divine Mercy now hangs in all the store fronts. May the fountain of mercy flow forth from these images and convert the minds and hearts of all who walk the streets!

I want to say thank you to Laity for Mercy/ Life Foundation for your generous donation of Images,
Dan Demate
DRE. Saint Patrick's Church



I need to share a story with you regarding the power of God through the chaplet. A friend of mine went back East with her husband to see her sister in law who was very ill and stopped going to mass and was refusing her last rites. My friend honored her decision but stayed at her bedside one night and prayed the chaplet out loud. Her sister in law at times would look right in to her eyes. The next morning my friend went back to the hospital and was told by her sister in law's nurse that she had asked for a Priests to come for the Anointing. Another soul saved !

God bless you for all your work,


Dear Tim,

The newspapers were awesome this year! I can't wait to distribute more next year! I gave out about 1200! Next year I hope to work with another priest who is from Alfred New York and works with young people in College. He is from my parish and loves Divine Mercy. I sent him some newspapers He is relatively young and he passes out Divine Mercy holy cards in the confessional. I am over my "slump!" The Lord gave me some wonderful ideas to spread Divine Mercy through some other people in my parish and this priest is wonderful and I went to his ordination. I decided not to leave my parish but to be more creative in my approach and network with other people who love Divine Mercy in my area. I also thought that perhaps someday we could have a mobile unit that would bring a priest for confessions for Divine Mercy Sunday to places that do not have the opportunity. In New York City they had a sidewalk ministry set up to reach Catholics. As a Dominican,I am always being told that we should evangelize in the market place! I have lots more ideas so I will be busy. God bless you for your work!

In Jesus and Mary,
Donna Marie


Dear Tim & Divine Mercy Apostolate (in Ohio):

I just wanted to say thank you for sending us all of those Divine Mercy pictures to our Diocesan wide retreat called the Youth 2000 (www.youth2000usa.org) which was put on by the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal (www.franciscanfriars.com). The majority of these pictures were given away at this Youth 2000 retreat to so many young souls and their sponsors that came from all over our Diocese.

The remaining pictures will be shared at another retreat for high school youth here in our Diocese, where the theme for this retreat will be Jesus: Body, Blood, Soul & Divinity. One of the devotions that will take place during this retreat will be reciting the Chaplet of Divine Mercy with all the youth in attendance and explaining a bit to them about our Lordís Divine Mercy message to St. Faustina, and the image of the Divine Mercy.

Again we greatly appreciate you and all of your donors for making this possible to literally hundreds of young souls throughout our Diocese. May our dear Lord continue to bless you, your Divine Mercy Apostolate and all of your donors for these great Works of Mercy that you are doing for so many souls!!

All for Jesus, through Mary,
-Faustino Rodriguez
Diocese of San Angelo (Texas)


Dear Lovely friends,

Very Lovely Greetings to you all! Now then, I have great pleasure to be able to let you know that I have received your package containing printed materials for free distribution to needy and religious people. The images of Jesus I trust in You is really needed/wanted by friends.

Note: We can only pray for you (Laity) for the spreading of this work. God love and keep U Well!

Very faithfully yours in Christ,
Fr. Ralph


Dear Tim,

Thank you for your help promoting Divine Mercy in our Parish and Diocese- you guys were the first and the best promoters! The Divine Mercy Messenger is outstanding. This is the first time I can give something back to God. Praise be Jesus Christ!

Yours in Jesus and Mary,


Dear Tim,

Thank you for your help promoting Divine Mercy in our Parish and Diocese- you guys were the first and the best promoters! The Divine Mercy Messenger is outstanding. This is the first time I can give something back to God. Praise be Jesus Christ!

Yours in Jesus and Mary,


Dear Tim,

It was a pleasure speaking with you. Thank you so much for helping us out with your newsletters. Our Divine Mercy Service was beautiful and everyone loved the materials you sent me. We had about 200 people.

May our Dear Lord continue to grace and guard your life.

God bless always,
Annamarie Short


Thank you so much for the 200-11X14 posters of Divine Mercy, the Divine Mercy Prayer cards and copies of the Divine Mercy Messenger. I appreciate all that you do in spreading awareness of this beautiful devotion.

I found the materials to be quite helpful and distributed them to parishioners this past Sunday.

Thank you, again, for your ministry to the Church in promoting our Lordís Divine Mercy.

In Christ,
Father Mike


Dear Laity for Mercy Ministry,

I recently received an image of the Divine Mercy; it is a blessing to have this devotion to the Divine Mercy. I personally was touch by this invitation of Saint Faustina of spreading this devotion by the image of the Divine Mercy.

I like to be part of spreading the devotion of the Divine Mercy; I would like to receive images for my community. Thank you for being part of the evangelization of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Please continue to work this way to establish firm the Kingdom of God. Amen

Jorge Bibian Rodriqez


Dear Messenger,

I am at C.R.C Prison and I was reading your newspaper and it had this add, free quarterly Divine Mercy Messenger. I would like you to send me one, and send one to my mom.

Thank you again,
Name withheld


Dear friends in Jesus,

While attending a Marian Conference yesterday, I picked up a copy of the Divine Mercy Messenger. I took it to Adoration this evening and started reading. This is marvelous, God-filled paper. I read about Sister Faustina, and on how to have a happy and holy family, I was just so impressed every bit of information was so exact and precise on what we all need-Jesus, Mary, and the Rosary. I would have loved to read everything in this paper but I felt I should leave it on the table in the Adoration chapel so others could benefit as well.

I would love to distribute this to everyone I know, Thank you for taking such a bold step and leaving out the gray areas and just being precise and accurate with black and white information.

Name withheld


Dear Laity for Mercy,

I take Holy Communion to the sick and dying at hospital. 40 to 80 names on list, every changing person! Four or more times a week, every week. Also at church I am a reader and Server and Etc. I go to several churches and know Priests and my parish church is large. I am in great debt from past unemployment, but I would like to give your Divine Mercy Messenger out. Could you send me 800 Messengers and others if any.

May God bless you,
Name withheld


Hi I really enjoy reading the Divine Mercy Messenger. I have a copy of the Most Grievous crime of all and I think is one of the best ever. I would like for you to please send me copies of the Divine Mercy Messenger.

If you have a Bible, English version could you please send one . . .

God bless you
Name withheld
Dention Center, Inmate correspondence, Alamogord, NM


Dear Divine Mercy Messenger,

Thank you for the "Divine Mercy Messenger." Each article seems truly inspired. Thank you for all your efforts in spreading THE MESSAGE and your clear understanding of Godís plan.

May god continue to bless you abundantly. Thank you, Thank you!!
Name withheld


Dear Editor and Staff:

A few days ago we were given some copies of your paper. We were very impressed by how informative it is.

I especially like the question and answer section. But the other articles were just wonderful too. I shared the three or four copies that I received and now I ma forced to get more to share with more of our friends.

Sincerely in Christ,
Name withheld


Dear Divine Mercy messenger,

Oh please, put me on your mailing list! I would so like some extras of the Divine Mercy Messenger. The pictures are out of this world, so beautiful.

Name withheld


Dear Life Foundation,

Thank you for the boxes of Divine Mercy papers. Next year I am getting 3 boxes because 2 is not enough.

God bless you!

In Christ,
Name withheld