Meet Our Team!

Laity for Mercy is family owned, and family run.

Tim McAndrew, President
Jenny McAndrew, Vice President
Mary McAndrew
Casey McAndrew
Marlee McAndrew
Shayne McAndrew
Nancy McAndrew
Sara Miller McAndrew

Meet our wonderful team from Cincinnati, Ohio

R. Patrick & Mary F. Ashcraft
Lisa Bennett
Roberta Brunck
Marilyn Denegre-Rumbin
Greg Dougherty
Patrick Flanigan
Diane Lee
Fernanda & Jack Moreira
Annamarie & Lee Short
Dave Woeste

Our Many Wonderful Volunteers! God is so good! He sends so many wonderful people to help us financially, and with their wonderful works of mercy.

  • Father Toner who provides us with our Spiritual advice and who heads up the Life and Mercy Crusade for our Diocese.
  • Father William Deville who looks over our writings to make sure they in line with our Catholic Faith.

  • Father Lutz who gives his time to support our works in spreading the Feast of Mercy during Lent.

  • Dennis Busson of Busson Portrait Directories ( or call 1-800-685-3002). Busson is a rapidly growing pro-life church pictorial directory company, the country's leading provider of top quality church pictorial publications. They printed our prayer cards and did a beautiful job. Please call them if your parish is making a directory.

  • Bob Mutzel of Mutzel plumbing who has been a great friend of our organization.

  • Suz Shook, our new webmaster, who helped us design our website.

  • Tim Axe and family who have decided to bring Laity for Mercy into Canada. Our prayers and support are with the Axe family.

  • Anna Marie Short who has joined our team from the Cincinnati Diocese.

  • George Maczura who has graciously joined our team from Joliet IL and is spreading our holy cards, messengers and images all over the Chicago area.

  • Ben and Maria Gessler who work directly with our Spanish brothers and sisters.

  • Elizabeth Hackett who runs our Mother organization (Life Foundation) out of the great State of New Mexico.

Many, many individuals help by praying for us everyday and by helping in other various ways and through their financial contributions. Our Mission is first to live out our vocation to its fullness in God’s perfect will and to spread His Divine Mercy to all our hurting brothers and sisters. We accomplish this first by prayer (The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and Eucharistic Adoration) and by the distribution of the Divine Mercy Messenger, holy cards of our Divine Mercy Jesus, prints of our Lord, video’s, our wonderful website and praying daily the Rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

To all who have assisted us in any way, we thank you. We thank God for you. And we pray that Our Lord and Our Lady will bless you abundantly with grace and peace and great joy, and with holiness. – We pray that you will take time out of your day to pray a chaplet for our hurting brothers and sisters and take the time to venerate His wonderful image as He requested, spending time with Him in Adoration.

God bless you, People of God! Please pray for us, and be assured of our prayers.

Pictured below are some of the people who support our mission:

Columbus Laity for Mercy and the Traveling Miracles of the Eucharist Team
Tim McAndrew family The McAndrew Family
Laity for Mercy

Tim Axe and family Tim Axe and Family
Laity for Mercy of Canada

Anna Marie Short Anna Marie Short
Laity for Mercy Cincinnati, Ohio

Columbus Laity for Mercy Columbus Laity for Mercy and the traveling Miracles of the Eucharist Team

Suz our webmaster Suz, our new webmaster, who helped us redesign our website!