How to Celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday

Be Merciful As Your Heavenly Father Is Merciful, Part 2

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Definition of indulgence

A favor or privilege, a remission of punishment still due for a sin after the guilt has been forgiven.

Definition of Remission

Release from a debt, forgiveness or pardon, as of sins.

Definition of Plenary

Full, complete, attendance by all members.

Church given power by Christ to bind and loose

MT 16:19 - Give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven.

LK 10:16 - Power to speak with Christís voice.

MT 18:18 - Power to legislate.

MT 28:18-20 - Jesus delegates all power to Apostles.

The church is Christís body

Col 1:18 - He is the head of the body, the church.

Definition of Divine

(Divus, a god) of, like or from God or a god, devoted to God. Religious, supremely great, good.

Definition of Mercy

Kind or compassionate behavior shown to an enemy offender, etc., who is in oneís power. Compassion or kindness towards others, especially those in distress. The power to show clemency or forgiveness.

So, what is Divine Mercy?

God showing clemency, compassion, forgiveness to those who have left Him. Those who have forgotten God may not know it but they are in Godís power. By sin we reject God. We may refuse his friendship, but God is always offering His Divine Mercy. In a world which is so sinful, is this feast of mercy a fairy tale? No, itís Divine Mercy in action.

“On that day priests are to tell everyone about My great and unfathomable mercy” (Diary 570)

The Holy Father emphasized this very point in his homily at St. Faustinaís canonization when he established Mercy Sunday for the whole world. The responsorial psalm 118, is a hymn to Godís mercy and in the gospel reading we see in John 20:19-31 the institution of Confession is given to the Apostles, the great act of Divine Mercy. We also see in the same gospel Jesus showing His merciful wounds, just like the Image of Divine Mercy to St. Thomas. St. Thomas said after Our Lord showed him His wounds, “My Lord and My God.”

Be merciful part 2image
Our Lord Speaks:
“ When you say this prayer with a
contrite heart and with faith on
behalf of some sinner, I will give
them the grace of conversion.
This is the prayer:

‘ O blood and water, which
gushed forth from the heart of
as a fount of mercy for us,
I trust in You. ’ ”

(Diary 187)

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